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best non slip yoga mats uk
Yoga is an activity that requires minimal equipment, it’s simplicity combined with physical and mental health benefits are world-renowned. Do you actually need a yoga mat? Ok, true, you can practice yoga on a sandy beach or on grass but in reality, a yogi (beginner or advanced) needs a decent yoga mat…a mat which allows gentle cushioning and a non-slip surface to provide traction as your go through your yoga flow.

One of the most important features of a yoga mat is that of grip, Yoga can be pretty dangerous if you accidentally slip – nobody wants to face plant the floor whilst practicing your downward dog!

We’ve selected the very best non-slip yoga mats that should help give you extra ‘grippiness’ and stability even in the most advanced yoga poses.

Manduka Pro Non Slip Yoga Mats

Adidas 8mm Non Slip Yoga Mats
Perhaps the leading brand in this review, we’re featuring the Manduka Pro yoga mat here. Yes, it’s pricey but its exceptional quality. If you’re serious about Yoga or practice regularly, it’s a worthy investment. The Manduka Pro Mat is 6mm thick and has excellent traction properties. With over 2,500 reviews, with an average rating of 4.5/5, it’s famed for its cushioning, when feet or hands temporarily sink into the padding, it provides extra sturdiness for more advanced poses. Albeit a little pricey from £80 to £110, this is a mat that will satisfy it’s owner.

Before first use, it’s critical you rub with the salt scrub and perhaps walk/dance and jig around on it to achieve the optimum feel from the Manduka mat. One reviewer, who deliberated over this and several other mats, concluded “it’s the grippiest mat I’ve ever owned”. What else can we say?! Aside from, it comes in 13 colours and you can choose between a 216cm long version or a smaller 180cm version, both mats are 66cm wide, ample width for the majority of yoga poses. Highly recommended. Check price at Amazon »

Surya Namaskar Cork Yoga Mat

Review of Surya Namaskar Yoga Mat
This cork yoga mat is 100% biodegradable, vegan and eco-friendly. Of 4mm thickness, the cork mat from Surya Namaskar performs very well when wet, meaning it ranks high in our list of non-slippy grippy yoga mats! The price point is well below other, more well known brands and has lots of benefits due to it’s natural properties such as no odour, no rubber smell, simple wipe clean maintenance, it’s anti-microbial and that fact that it dries incredibly quickly.

Rest assured, cork is not just for wine bottles, this yoga mat is a good choice for those seeking an alternative environmentally friendly mat. We’ve written a more thorough review of this Surya Namaskar Cork Yoga mat here. Check price at Amazon »

Liforme Non Slip Yoga Mat

Liforme Non Slip Yoga Mat
Liforme is a very reputable yoga brand and they boast this mat is one of the ‘grippiest’ in the world. They call it a revolutionary ‘Gripforme’ system, or in layman’s terms, it’s super grippy. Synonymous with Liforme is the ‘Alignforme’ system too, which is essentially markings on the mat that allows you to align your feet and hands to keep good form when practicing your yoga moves.

Liforme also scores highly on the eco/environmentally friendly front too – the majority of the mat is made with sustainable natural rubber and topped with a specially engineered eco-polyurethane, and therefore a biodegradable mat. It’s PVC-Free with no toxic substances. In terms of dimensions, the Liforme Non Slip Yoga Mat is 185cm long by 68cm wide. Check price at Amazon »

Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat

Yoga Design Lab 2 in 1 Combo Mat
Wow. What a purpose-built mat! This is a 2 in 1 Combo Mat by the serious yoga professionals at Yoga Design Lab. The non-slip mat is machine washable (note hot yoga enthusiasts, read the instructions first) and removes the need for a yoga towel thanks to its fabulous top surface layer. It’s been reviewed nearly 2,000 times on Amazon and scores 4.5/5. It’s made from tree rubber and recycled plastic bottles adorned with water-based print designs. The dimensions are 178cm by 61cm and 3.5mm thick (not the same padded cushioning as the Adidas model above but not all yoga mats should be ultra-cushioned unless you have a physical ailment that cries out for such support) and come in a range of fabulous designs. The unique material doesn’t bunch or crinkle, it actually feels quite heavy.

As the surface gets wet (you can spray it too) it becomes even stickier giving amazing super grip qualities. These Yoga Design Lab mats hover around £60 to £70 but they are soooo worth it. Highly recommended.

Note on Yoga Design Lab – $1 from every mat goes to Youth Yoga programmes around the world: “Yoga Design Lab is committed to sharing the many benefits of yoga with everyone, especially children. ‘If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.’ YDL believes the Dalai Lama’s words to be true and has assisted numerous programmes over the years.” Read more about this here Check price at Amazon »

Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm

Gaiam Yoga Mat 6mm Non Slip
Probably the most well-known yoga mat brand of those featured in this review. The guys at Gaiam know what they’re doing and with this premium mat, they’ve carefully blended the 6mm cushioning with a reversible non-slip textured surface to provide excellent traction when practicing yoga moves. Customers have complained this mat needs ‘airing’ when you first unwrap the packaging but rest assured, there no nastiness in the materials used – it’s free of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP for those with a chemistry degree (these are the top six most harmful phthalates).

The dimensions are 173cm length by 61cm. Amazon reviews total nearly 3,000 with a score of 4.5/5. The price point is moderate, around £50 so perhaps not the mat for entry-level but to be honest, anyone could treat themselves to a Gaiam yoga mat, the designs are enough to let you drift off into a wonderful yogic flow!

Check price at Amazon »

Asana Tree Pro Grip

Asana Tree Non Slip Yoga Mats
Yoga mats from Asana Tree are worth the price tag, for around £85 you’d be investing in a highly-performing, ethically made non-slip yoga mat. The Pro Grip is available in 5 colours – Blue, Green, Grey, Pink and Purple. The Pro Grip from Asana Tree can be washed with just a rigorous wipe with a wet towel, music to the yogic ears of hot yoga fans. As with the Liforme mat above, it’s dimensions are 165cm in length and an accommodating 68cm in width.

Why is the Asana Tree mat so ‘grippy’? Well, it’s down to the bio-degradable polyurethane top layer which sits on top of a natural rubber ‘ non-moving’ base which also provides extra padding, key to when your on all fours in the cat-cow or other ‘knee wreckers’ such as the camel or hero poses. Check price at Amazon »

Ewedoos Non Slip Yoga Mat

Ewedoos Non Slip Yoga Mats
The brand Ewedoos isn’t quite the household yoga name of a Gaiam or Prana but it’s become an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ product for a reason, with 4.5/5 stars from nearly 700 yoga enthusiasts. Ewedoos prides itself on not using PVC, latex or chemicals, instead their mats are constructed from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers). There are two distinct sides to the Ewedoos mats, the underneath has a wavy grip whilst the very lightly textured surface enhances the tactile grip.

Ewedoos insist you don’t need yoga socks whilst using this mat, but surely it would just double the stickiness of a non slip mat?! But let’s ignore that, this mat is highly recommended and at half the price of the Asana Tree and Liforme mats above, it’s far easier on the wallet and we say Namaste to that. Check price at Amazon »

Adidas 8mm Yoga Mat

Adidas 8mm Non Slip Yoga Mats
Now this is certainly a wildcard, who would have thought Adidas made decent non slip yoga mats? But they do. Again, this 8mm ‘comfortable’ yoga mat has wavy ‘ridged’ texture on the underside which enhances stickiness to gym, studio or church hall floors! It’s also even cheaper than the Ewedoos above and so is our cheapest recommended yoga mat in this review piece.

It’s 8mm thick (so good for knees, elbows and wrists when in the middle of your yoga flow), we found the only downside are the dimensions at 176cm by 61cm wide its somewhat smaller than the others reviewed here. It’s constructed out of EVA foam (think running shoes) and therefore not PVA.

Reviewers on Amazon have complained this mat is too cushioned and that it doesn’t come with a carry loop (like the others do) but for the price of around £20 you can’t really complain. Check price at Amazon »

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