Best Running Belts for Carrying Phone & Keys

Now this really is a problem that needs solving. Who likes running with anything in their hands? I know I don’t. If you’re running with keys, after a couple of miles your palms are sweating and your hands begin to smell like some weird metallic based perfume! Elasticated running belts are the solution to this problem.

comfortable running belts

Some running belts will also fit in a phone, which is a bonus for playing music and safety, even allowing Strava to track your run. As they wrap around the waist, there is enough room to stuff running gels, protein bars or running gels too. They really are a godsend and prevent you from having to run with a backpack or bulky pockets.

An elasticated running belt is a fantastic invention. It saves keys jangling about in pockets or having to wedge them down your waistline or inside a sports bra! Many of these running belts are elasticated and allow you to fold over the keys, phones or cards you are keeping inside them. We’d recommend anyone invests in one of these super running pouches to keep valuables secure and in a ‘non-jangling’ state!

Here are 10 excellent reasons to buy a running belt:

  1. No bouncing or jangling of keys or valuables
  2. They allow freedom on movement as they’re worn around the waist
  3. Stretchability thanks for high quality lycra materials
  4. Easy to wash and dry
  5. Most come with a hook inside the pockets to keep keys doubly secure
  6. Multiple pockets mean you can carry multiple items at once
  7. Accessibility is far easier than having to open a backpack
  8. Hands free – meaning you can wear whilst canoeing, parkour, cycling etc
  9. Soft materials ensure no chafing
  10. Reflective piping or entire tube is made from reflective material.

1. Best Overall Running Belt

Flipbelt Running Belts

Flipbelt is quickly becoming the market leader in elasticated running belts. They’re high quality, made from 92% micropoly and 8% lycra. Fully machine washable, and they’ll fit in the latest iPhone and Samsung sizes plus Flipbelts are easily worn under or over your running gear.

Definitely no bouncing, jangling keys or loose valuables with a Flipbelt. They’re number 1 in our Running Belt selections for a reason.

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2. Best for Bottle Carrying

Salomon Agile 500 Belt

Yes, the Salomon Agile 500 carries keys, phones and gels with ease, but it’s also big enough to carry a 500ml bottle.

Ok, so it’s bigger than the Flipbelt listed above, and some reviews do complain about movement, but this is probably more suited to those runners who are venturing further away from civilisation and who may be out for a few hours at a time.

Made with quality ripstop, breathable, fabric though it does need to be hand-washed.

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3. Best for Value

Build & Fitness Belts

Slightly cheaper than the Flipbelt and comes in a range of colours. Very similar in features and materials to the Flipbelt. Reviewers of the Built & Fitness belts suggest increasing the size and wearing directly over the hip bones.

There were a few concerns over the stitching but then I guess if you hand wash gently, you will certainly be good for a few years with this running belt.

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