Best Sunglasses for Running – 6 Pairs Shortlisted

Squinting when you’re running due to the blinding sun is simply annoying. If you’re like me and your eyes begin to stream when the sun shines enough to increase the UV levels, then you need to invest in a decent pair of sunglasses, designed specifically for running.

What to look for in Runners Sunglasses

There are certain elements to look for when choosing an effective pair.

  • UV Protection
  • Coatings
  • Lenses
  • Grip
  • Frames
  • Style
  • Price

Firstly, it’s a safety first, you need total UV protection, all glasses mentioned here are UV400 or better, these provide total protection from UVA and UVB light rays. This opticians website explains this further, but all you need to know is go for a UV400 pair of sunglasses to be sure.

Next up, is the choice of lenses. This is key, depending on what activity you are doing. There are two main choices, polarised and photochromic. You often find fisherman, watersport enthusiasts and sports based on roads choosing polarised lenses as they are fantastic at reducing glare. Photochromic lenses are self adjusting to the levels of brightness in your surroundings, so the brighter it gets the darker they become. Not ideal for driving but if you’re out and about in changeable conditions than sunglasses with photochromic lenses might be the pick for you.

Crucial for sportsfolk, is the grip, both for the nose bridge and also the arms of the sunglasses that will fix nicely to the point just behind your ears. Trying to get a pair that don’t hug the temples is a good idea for high exertion (read sweaty!) sports, some people also suffer from headaches if the pressure of their sunglasses is too much on the side of the temples. For plastic framed running glasses you can get hydrophobic coatings which repel water and stops sweat from steaming up your vision. Non slip nose pads around the bridge will provide stability especially if you make sudden movements (think tennis here!).

Finally, it’s the frames. Two choices here too; plastic or metal. The plastic frames are often cheaper and made from zylonite (cellulose acetate) or polycarbonate, whereas metallic frames are usually stronger and made from lightweight aluminium or titanium but they do require a nose pad for comfort and reducing slippage.

Style can also vary as you’ll see in these 6 shortlisted styles below…

Runners Sunglasses

Oakley Radarlock

The Oakley Radarlock is a wrap/shield style. They weigh 27g and come in a range of colours. The wrap gives good peripheral vision and they are manufactured with 28mm iridium coated lenses to reduce glare from the road.

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Runners Sunglasses

Bolle Flash

A bargain pair of runners shades from Bolle, a respectable spectacle brand! Complete with oleo/hydrophobic coating, plus anti fog and AF coating to reduce scratches. They are listed as a large fit. Available in polarised and photochromic lenses.

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Runners Sunglasses

Oakley Prizm Jawbreaker

Another pair of Oakley’s and another classic. Full rims and enhanced visibility. The frames are plastic made of O-Matter which are adjustable to 3 positions around the temple. Really good choice for cycling too, so would make ideal triathlon sunglasses.

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Runners Sunglasses

Bloc Titan XB630

A cheaper price point than Oakley. The Bloc Titan XB630 pair come with 4 replacement lenses to swap out accordingly. They’re made with a carbon material ‘Karbon TX” and offer maximum UV protection to 400nm. They’re also way less than £100.

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