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Gym wear needs to be practical and stylish, hopefully you’ll find something you can wear and perform well in amongst these review posts below.

renting a personal training space 0

Rent Your Own Personal Training Space

Are you uncomfortable working out in a crowded gym? If so, why not consider renting a personal training space? Besides protecting your privacy, you will also be able to enjoy your workout session undisturbed...
Best Running Gym Bras 0

Bras for Running & Gym Reviewed

We’ve reviewed the best in running bras for sporty ladies who require comfort and performance with a supportive feel. We feature both types of sports bras; the wired cup which encapsulates the breasts functioning...
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Best High Waist Leggings for Running & Yoga

It’s tough ask really to purchase a pair of yoga leggings that satisfy a multitude of performance based questions…are they comfortable? do they tuck my tummy in? how long are they? will they ride...
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Best Non Slip Yoga Mats

Yoga is an activity that requires minimal equipment, it’s simplicity combined with physical and mental health benefits are world-renowned. Do you actually need a yoga mat? Ok, true, you can practice yoga on a...
Surya Namaskar Cork Yoga Mat in Box 1

Cork Yoga Mat Review from Surya Namaskar

A Cork Yoga mat is an eco-friendly alternative to the ‘usual’ rubber based yoga mat. Just because it’s made from natural materials does not mean performance has to suffer, in fact, quite the opposite....
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Best women’s gym leggings that aren’t see through

We recently covered the best women’s running trainers under £100. Now it’s time to take a look at women’s workout leggings that are high on style and comfort and definitely not see-through. When it...