Bras for Running & Gym Reviewed

We’ve reviewed the best in running bras for sporty ladies who require comfort and performance with a supportive feel. We feature both types of sports bras; the wired cup which encapsulates the breasts functioning like a normal bra, yet designed to support women who take their running or gym sessions seriously.

The other style of sports bra is a compression bra or bra vest. Some designs (see the Runderwear option below) actually look like a crop top and are excellent at compressing your breasts to avoid ‘bounce’. Be sure to read each review carefully as there are variations in each bra from fastenings to materials used to the cut. Included in our top 6 are running bras from Runderwear, Shock Absorber and Under Armour plus a couple of other brands which are well reviewed and slightly cheaper than the bigger brands.

Our Pick

Under Armour Infinity High Bra

Optimised for sizes A-C, the Under Armour Infinity High Bra features a compression-style fit, with moulded PU injected padding. It provides medium support that’s great for light exercise. Designed from HeatGear® fabric, with added mesh panels and a sweat-wicking underband for extra breathability, this trusty sports bra is one of the best for keeping you cool and dry.

It features adjustable non-slip straps that you can change as you please, as well as a handy hook and eye fastener making it easy to remove. Plus, it’s one of the more sleek and stylish options out there. An excellent bra vest for running and smashing it in the gym!

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  • PU injected one-piece padding
  • Adjustable non-slip straps
  • Hook and eye fitting makes it easy to remove
  • Not as well suited for sizes C+
  • Medium support

Our Pick

Shock Absorber Run Sports Bra

Taking the Gold Award for Best Women’s Running Sports Bra in 2019, the Shock Absorber Run Sports Bra is designed specifically for high-impact sports such as long-distance running and even the most intense workouts. The inbuilt infinity-8 support system controls bounce and counteracts the figure of eight movement during exercise to ensure full support, no matter how intense the workout.

There’s been no expense spared in designing this bra that uses only the best high-performance fabrics to keep sweat at bay, with a seamless soft inner material to protect against chafing. The wide, padded and adjustable straps also mean this bra can be tweaked exactly to your tastes, without the need for any restrictive wiring. It might be a little more pricey than some of the alternatives, but this well-thought-out option is worth the investment for anyone seeking the ultimate support from their running gear.

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  • Sizes available all the way up to a G cup
  • Built-in Infinity-8 support system
  • Hook and eye fitting easy removal
  • Not as sleek as other brands
  • Pricey

Our Pick

Shock Absorber Women’s Active Multi Sports Bra

Stealing the Bronze Award for Women’s Sports Bra in the 2020 Running Awards, the Shock Absorber Women’s Active Multi Sports bra offers a sleek and seamless fit that by no means compromises on support. Carefully designed by Shock Absorber, this bra provides both compression and great bounce control, which is enhanced by the adjustable straps to give encapsulation during high-impact exercise like running.

There’s no need for wires, as the internal cups provide excellent support alone and with easily adjustable straps, you can tailor the fit exactly to how you like it. The bra also features a nifty hook and eye clasp, with soft stretchy fabric, meaning it’s easy to get in and out of before or after your run.

Because the Shock Absorber bras are specifically designed to provide women with the support they need during tough workouts, it is worth noting that they can be slightly bulkier than some of the other alternatives out there. However, if you are an avid long-distance or even marathon runner, then it’s certainly one to consider.

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  • Double back fastening and adjustable straps
  • Designed for ultimate bounce control
  • Hook and eye fitting easy removal
  • Padding can be slightly bulky

Our Pick

FITTIN Racerback Sports Bra

If soft, stretchy and stylish are top of the list when it comes to your quest to find the perfect sports bra, then the FITTIN Racerback Sports Bra for Women is a good option. The nylon, polyester and spandex fabrics provide a hugging, seamless fit that gives good support too.

This sports bra does however only provide medium support, so it doesn’t provide as much compression as other options and might not be ideal for mega long-distance runners, or those seeking a little more support from their sports bra. It is on the other hand one of the comfier options of the bunch and the price is a big tick too. Another win with this option is the Climacool fabric, which gives good ventilation to keep you airy and cool, whilst also keeping moisture at bay. There’s a great range of colours and styles to choose from, so there’s sure to be one that complements your personal style.

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  • Soft-stretchy fabric
  • Super-soft elasticated waistband for comfort
  • Medium Support

Our Pick

Runderwear Womens Running Bra Crop Top

Since Runderwear are the Official Bra Partner of England Athletics, you’d expect big things from the Runderwear Women’s Running Crop Top. The crop top features all the key elements you’d expect, including high-grade soft fabrics that wick sweat with ease, removable padding to provide supportive compression and easily adjustable straps in a nice racerback design.

The elasticated underband also provides additional support as you move without chafing. There’s no denying that this crop top is great for comfort, but note, it only has a medium level of support, be wary of bounce control. It is a great all-rounder though, and with a flattering design amongst other helpful features, it would be a great one to have in your sports bra collection.

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  • Elasticated underband – breathable and supportive fit
  • Adjustable straps stay in place as you move
  • Very reputable brand
  • Pricey

Our Pick

Freya Underwired Sports Bra

Feel confident, cool and supported in the Freya Full Coverage Underwired Sports Bra with adjustable straps and moisture-wicking Coolmax fabric to keep you feeling refreshed during your workouts. The built-in moulded bra cups provide brilliant encapsulated support (especially for long-distance running) and you certainly won’t have to worry about bounce with this bra. Plus, the super-soft fabric provides a seamless look underneath any other sportswear layers and it’s great for comfort too.

The bra also features a padded hook and eye fastener, as well as adjustable straps to avoid any shoulder pulling on longer runs. Many features make this bra a great choice for bigger busted women, however for smaller sized ladies that prefer a more compressive style of fit, then this might not be the one for you. That said, if you’re seeking a trusty high-supportive bra with adjustable features and brilliant bounce control, then the Freya Full Coverage Underwired Sports Bra is a dream.

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  • Active underwire – added support during high-impact exercise
  • Coolmax microfiber fabric inside the bra keeps you sweat-free
  • Well priced
  • Less suitable for smaller sizes who prefer a compressive-style fit

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